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NBN Daily Dropouts - Over 12 months

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I have logged numerous calls via the TPG App, yet problems continue to occur.  I am extremely frustrated that no one at TPG seems to be taking these issues seriously and resolving them, they have no been ongoing for well over 12 months. I continue to get intermittent drop outs on my connection. These occur randomnly and last for a couple of minutes. When this happens the OPTICAL light on the NBN box goes RED.
Previously a TPG technican was sent out and he advised that it was something to do with the Optic Fibre line and that someone from NBN would need to attend. I also received a call from his supervisor the same evening and he advised the same. Then a couple of hours later I get a message saying the issue is resolved and no-one would be attending to look at it. This was back in March sometime and the problems continue to occur. Each time I log them (when I can as you can only have one open call at a time), TPG responds saying they will look into it, someone tries to call to tell to ask me if it is working OK and then the we go around in the same circle when the issue next occurs. The issue cointinues to occur, following are times/dates in the past few weeks that I have expreienced the drop outs (and these are just the ones I am aware of):
19/5 @ 10.21am
21/5 @ 9.28am
27/5 @ 11.00am
27/5 @ 10.26pm
28/5 @ 9.52am
31/5 @ 10.40am
2/6 @ 10.50am
5/6 @ 9.21pm
7/6 @ 11.02am

Can someone please look into resolving this problem once and for all. I do not need a phone call saying we are looking into it, or 'is it working OK now'. I need the issue resolved.


Hi @jshsports 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and have raised the case to our Tech team for further checking.

Someone will be in touch with you tomorrow for further discussion.



Level 2

Thanks for getting the Tech team to look into this. Fault Number is 11445118.  They did call and sent me a modem so they could monitor things. I had modem on my network for a week, during which time the drop outs continued to occur.  Reiceved SMS and calls from techs during this period.  Worrying thing is that there were numerous different techs, and each sprouted the same line that they were monitoring and could see issue - but no reasolution.  Also call seemed to start with a senior technican (by sounds of the discussion I had) to someone who sounded like they had no real idea beyond sprouting the same lines I have heard a hundred times now.   Last call was from a tech asking how things were (even though I was using TPOF modem that allowed them to see issues) and then asking if I wanted to keep the modem, no idea why they would ask this given the problems continued proving it ws not a modem issue.  As I keep telling ALL the technicians the OPTIC FIBRE light on the NBVN box goes red when the issues occur, indicating a problem with the optic line - not the modem or anyhting beyond the NBN box.
Anyway, I sent the modem back and then sent an SMS to the number that had been contacting me (and one I was told to use to reply to for issues).  Absolutely no replies or contact now for weeks.  Problems keep occuring but no one seems to be able to resolve them.  Keep getting told that NBN looked at line and all looks ok, that would be becuase the problem is intermittent and probable did not occur while NBN is looking at it.
How do I get this fault escalated so I can get it fixed?


Hi @jshsports


I've managed to review the previous lodged fault and as advised by the NBN tech, there is no line fault found within NBN network. Thus the recommendation of trying a different router since the one you were using was an old model already. 


You were having what we call session drop outs which means the connection from the equipment to our server is the one that's disconnecting. 


At the moment, I have detected an internet session or up time of 7hrs. I'd recommend to contact us directly whilst you are experiencing the issue in order for us to conduct remote tests real-time. 


You may also call our NBN Helpdesk on 1300 997 271

Monday - Friday (8am - midnight)

Weekends & Public Holidays (9am - 9pm)