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NBN Dropouts & slow download - Gold Coast, Benowa 4217

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Someone has deleted my post for today!

Great so now I have to keep a backup of all my posts to the forums!

This really does smack to the fact that TPG and other ISP's when over selling bandwidth use throttling back of services to customers.

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Back to square one.  1/4 download speed.  Loggon on about 12:30pm Qld time.


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Hit the reset button on the modem.  Speed parameters now back to 'normal'.

Does this mean that

1) changes made to the modem by TPG have been reset  

2) TPG just coincidentally undone throttling at the server end



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No it just confirms that your issues are local.


wifi congestion, local device not happy with broadcasting channel or width, or enviro frequency clashes.


The factory reset enables everything to make a clean/new connection and it is pumping again.


If it happens again, you know you need to focus your energies on the local issues you have.




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Cool.  Looks like we have stability and back to 'normal'.  

So it would suggest that performing a reset of the NBN supplied modem is the answer.

Surprising that this was not suggested by TPG tech support.

Thanks to Steve, Alan, et al for their posts and suggestions.

Apologies for several so called spamming posts but the old saying 'the noisy wheels gets the oil' does work.

Deletion of posts is not really best practice.  I do understand that defamatory, hate, malicious, political, etc posts need to be moderated.



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‎Wed 11-11-2020 07:26 PM  Still going strong.  Peak time with 6 clients, 5 wireless.

Thu  12-11-2020  Normal  throughout day time

Thu  12-11-2020   dropout 5:35pm  download now 1/4 Smiley Happy   wonder who's been playing?  modem reset and surprise surprise download back to normal.  Anyone for modem reset ping pong?  Me vs the modem tamper bot. 

+ dropout 6:45pm for 10 minutes.  modem reset and back.

+ dropout 7:08pm for 2 minutes.

Fri  13-11-2020  3:23pm so far so good, 

Weekend and Monday all good.  Tuesday good.

Wednesday   18-Nov-2020  sms notifying refund of $11.99.  Unfortunately no workings are shown.

My calcs:  3/4 weeks x 3/4 loss x 89.99 = $50.62

Or   3/4 weeks x (total up/down / [(avg total up/down) or (paid for total up/down)]) x 89.99 =  3/4 x (100-20+40-10)/(100+40) x 89.99 =  $43.39

Being in business myself I would just give the client last month and a bonus month free or refund, apologise profusely and thank the client for their custom Smiley Happy



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Yes, the 'magic' of a factory reset of your modem.


I read most of the issues posted here and 90% of them would be fixed with a factory reset of the modem.

I'm astounded it's not one of the first things suggested by a T1 helpdesk attendant.

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Oh dear, back to 1/4 download speeds again.  Modem reset did not work ...

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... power recycle for both modem and router 10 minutes later worked  or seemed to work.

Was it the delay after the modem reset where the throttling code got wiped  or ...