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NBN FTTP slowdown and high latency in the evening

Level 2

No problems during the day, trash connection in the evening.


From 50mbps down to below 10mbps. This has been a regular occurence in the past month. I started logging everything a few weeks ago. Seems to resolve itself for 2 weeks and have had normal speeds in the evening but slowdowns started again last 16th June.


Here’s the speedtest and traceroute using ethernet connection with no other device connected.


31 May: 9:50 pm
01 June: 10:16 pm
02 June: 6:42 pm
16 June: 6:30 pm
17 June: 7:55 pm
18 June: 6:55 pm




Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms VX420-G2V []
2 249 ms 219 ms 222 ms
3 243 ms 214 ms 228 ms []
4 261 ms 260 ms 259 ms
5 243 ms 213 ms 210 ms


By 6:30 pm as if on cue, everything slows down and speeds won't be back to normal until 11:30 pm. I don't believe this is just a normal congestion during peak hours because the line quality drops significantly.


CVC, throttling issue?


and Yahoo has been very slow in the past week on the TPG network. This is just very frustrating.

Community Manager

Hey @shredd,


We'll get our techs to look into this. Are you able to send me a private message?

Level 2

@adib_rahmang will send a private message

Community Manager

Thanks for that. We've sent all of the details to our techs. We'll touch base with you as soon as we have more info.