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NBN Lost internet connection

Level 2

My home internet went down this morning, and it's more than 10 hours since lost my internet connection. Have checked there is no outage or planned maintenance of NBN and TPG.
The power of the NBN blackbox (Arris CM8200) is steady solid green, and the downstream is solid green most of the time and flashes occasionally. Upstream is flashing, and the online light is off. Have tried to reset and restart it but no luck.
Have lodged the fault through the mobile app this morning (Fault 13259289), and tried to reach out to you via phone call but queueing for quite a while and have not been able to connect. Sent an email to the help desk at 12 PM and have not heard anything back from you yet.
Just wondering if there is anything that can be done from your end.


Hi @sxc258,


We'd be glad to check on the status of the lodged fault. Send us a private message and we'll pull up your account. 



Level 2
:Hello there, I met the exact same problem as you since Jan 9,2024. No feedback yet. Bad experience really!

How's your internet looking today, @frank34A? If you're still having issues, please send us a private message and we'll help sort it out.