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NBN Monthly Usage Quota and Speed Shaping

Level 2

I signed up for the following plan back in 2017 and paying around $90 a month:

Current PlanNBN Broadband L Bundle 100/40


Plan should be unlimited, but orginally comes with a "Monthly Usage Quota and Speed Shaping"!

250GB peak 8:30am - 2:30am and 250GB off-peak 2:30am-8am with the promise to shape speed down to 128Mbps if exceeded monthly limits.

My plan is currently outside of contract at the moment and I am not fond of these restrictions.


I want to know if I renew my plan with the same plan, do these peak and off-peak restrictions still apply? Or TPG has removed those restrictions since 2017?


I have had a whole day encounter trying to get an answer from TPG online chat support and it got me no where and no one seems to know about data shaping!



Level 11

The current NBN $90 plan (100/40, ie 85/35) has unlimited data.