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NBN Speed Upgrade Offer

Level 3

I can confirm that my plan cost was charged to the higher amount in March and continues to be charged at the higher amount, but the promised speed update from then has still not been processed.


That is more than one billing cycle.


Something has broken at TPG. The moderators here should not be processing speed update requestss based on people reporting the issue here - it should be fixed so all people that have been promised an update receive one in a reasonable time.


If not, please notify those that are waiting why and when. Pronto.

Level 2

Like many others in this thread I have been charged the increased amount now for 3 months. Latest charge applied today 18/6 yet still no indication of when or if I am to receive the promised speed upgrade. About time to look at options I think. Up to now I have been pleased with TPG experiencing few if any issues however this lack of action on an upgrade that was promised as a reward for being a longstanding customer would  suggest that like most companies nowdays, we are paying a loyality tax. My next move will be to investigate alternative suppliers.

Level 2

What a nightmare!!!

Like so many others i opted in for the free upgrade

After a few emails and a phone call concerning the FREE upgrade, nothing happened!!!

So on or around the 13th of june i decided to inquire what was going on


After being transfered 4 times from department to department, i finally got someone i thought was going to help me

Her workaround was to manually upgrade me to NBN100  which is $89, then give me a $10 discount which brought it back down to $79 a month


I pointed out to her i wasn't getting a $10 discount

Because it was supposed to be getting  A FREE UPGRADE at no cost to me, the reason for the call

She could not see my reasoning, so in frustration i hung up


Mins after that i got $10 deducted from my account!

So again i had to ring up and find out why!

Talking to another operator, i asked why, she statetd i shouldn't of been charged the $10 and asked if i wanted to esculate the complaint and speak with a supervisor or manager, i said YES


Week later still waiting for contact from a supervisor or manager !!!!!


So Much for a FREE UPGRADE!!!


I have heavily summarised proceeding, think i spent over 3 hours trying to get things fixed


My next phone call will to The Telco Ombusman, seems they have failed a lot off people


After 18 years it's seems after the 12 months is up, i will be looking elsewhere, and i hope others do the same