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NBN Static IP - Residential

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Just wanted to know if TPG have updated their residential NBN plans to include a static IP Address?

Thank you

Hi @Sbahgat 


Welcome to the Community!


At this time, we provide Dynamic IP addresses only for our Residential NBN plans. If you're interested in getting an NBN plan with Static IP address, you may consider our Business plans instead.



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Thank you so much!
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I have only recently had the NBN rolled out in my area and was surprised that my IP was dynamic. I kept thinking I must call TPG and get them to fix that but kept forgetting and only remembered tonight which is what brought me to the forum.


Imagine my shock to find the dynamic IP is not a mistake. but is TPG policy. This is awful. I think you need to listen to the customers and re-think this decision. And stop this money-grabbing talk of "you can join a business plan". You've also lessened the features available on the useless echoing home phone line by splitting coverage of calls to mobile OR calls to international unless we pay $20 to get both.  


Please bring back the static IP for residential customers. Many of us have been loyal to you for years, recommended you to friends and family for years, thereby allowing you to become one of the most successful ISPs in Australia. What about repaying some of that loyalty and giving us back what we had for the last 18 years?


Hi @Michellette


We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


Currently, the Static IP address is available on our TPG NBN Business plan.


Any updates with our NBN plans will be posted on our website.




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Thanks Basil


You have been getting this feedback about static IP on residential plans for over two years. How much longer do you need before you respond to customer feedback?