NBN connection

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My external NBN box has fallen off the outside wall of my holiday house. It is hanging on by a wire into the house. Internet is working fine but it's only a matter of time before the salt air gets to it.

the problem was caused by the installer who only used one screw, and a small one at that, to hold up the box.


i have tried to notify TPG of the fault but they said it was a NBN problem and gave me their number. NBN said they didn't deal directly with residential customers. 
i just want an installer to reinstall the box next time they are in the neighbourhood. I shouldn't need to be at the house when he/she visits.

How do I arrange this?.


Hi @Rosloy72 


We can only raise an issue with the NBN Co once the problem is affecting the service.


For this type of concern, the customer needs to raise a complaint with NBN Co.


Kindly contact their complaint department via Email or phone call.