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Printer drops WiFi connection

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Hi, I have a Brother HLL2350DW printer that is connected via WiFi and every morning the wireless light is flashing indicating that the WiFi has disconnected. I have 5G and the Sagemcom fast 5866T modem. I can confirm that this problem is associated with this setup as it didn't happen with the previous suppliers modem.

PS. The printer does connect and works with this setup it is just holding the WiFi connection that is the problem.



Hi @GeoffN ,


TPG 5G home broadband service comes with CG-NAT connection printers will not work on the network. 


What is CG-NAT and how does it affect Home Wireless Broadband Services?


Techy types should be aware that Home Wireless Broadband uses CG-NAT. Carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) is a type of network that assigns services with a private IP address, instead of a dynamic public IP address. Our network will then translate that private address into a public address. This means that the following items (which depend on internal NAT) will not work on Home Wireless Broadband:


  • Port forwarding
  • Hosting web, email or file servers internally
  • Smart Home systems (e.g. accessing security camera footage remotely, home automation and printers)
  • Remote Access (i.e. accessing your home computer or devices from another location)

Should you require more assistance, please let us know.


Level 15

@Shane . CG-NAT prevents access to a home network from the internet. It doesn't affect internal functions, eg. printing from a computer. I did send a message to the user to indicate whether printing worked at all, but they've not seen the message or ignored it.

If what you say is correct, the only avenue for the user is to switch back to their previous provider.


The user did say that the printer disconnected from wifi overnight, not that printing does not work.




You are correct @david64.


Devices should be able to connect to the modem/router given that they are capable or compatible with WPA2-WPA3 security mode.


Hi @GeoffN


Have you disabled the band steering on the Sagemcom modem/router?

If not, try it first.


Let us know how it goes.



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Hi, not sure if I was I unclear in my original post but yes the printer has no problem connecting via WiFi it's just holding that connection that is the problem. Having said that this morning it is still connected, go figure and I haven't done any changes to the modem. I will see how it goes during the the course of the week and report back.