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NBN continually dropping out

Level 1b

In the past 2 weeks or so our Internet just drops out constantly. Didn't actually realise how often it was happening until I just spent 2 days at home unwell. Thought I would watch some Netflix...not happening!! Since then I have been monitoring it a bit more, seems to be dropping around 20 times a day for sometimes up to 10 minutes. Tried to call Tpg support. My tpg home phone would not work, glad I'm paying an extra $10/mth for unlimited calls. So used my work mobile. After being on hold for over 15 minutes I gave up. So this brings me here. Starting to get a little frustrated with the lack of service or being able to find where to get any help. I have been a loyal customer for many years and this level of service is unacceptable.


Hi @jphill1970


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to know that you are experiencing issues with the service. I was able to locate your account using your Community details and have seen the drop outs as well. 


I have now escalated the issue to our Engineering Team. Please allow them sometime to further investigate and update should be provided within the next 24-48hrs. 


They will be in touch either via phone call or SMS. Since the homephone is currently not working, kindly send us with your best contact time & mobile number via private message so we can forward it to our Engineering Team. 



Thank you.