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NBN fibre to kerb will not connect

Level 2

I received my modem last Thursday 28th june
TPG rang me around 2pm to ask if I'd recieved my routers
They told me that i have to connect my nbn box and router and to call them, I told them that I will do that as soon as I get home around 7.00pm. When I got home that night I plugged in the nbn box and the router/modem that TPG send me and called the nbn case manager. They asked me if I had connected everything then I was asked if the equipment was working, on the NBN box the power light was stable blue, the link light was blinking blue and thats it, I reset the NBN box but nothing happened. The case manager told me that i have to wait from the NBN co to finish the installation and i need to leave the nbn box and the modem on for 24 hours and that NBN co they are doing activation only certain hours during the day (10pm , 4am , 10am and 4pm.)

Still the lights are blinking and there is no sign of connection, This was 1 week ago....WHATS HAPPENING

ABOUT THIS????????????? VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!!! From what I've been reading this seems like common problem.


Hi @vgiucastro,


We can see that this concern has been addressed in this separate thread:


Let us know should you have further queries.