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NBN has been delayed

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My building was supposed to be NBN ready in Merrylands, NSW on the 14th of June. The utility box was installed months before that date outside my building and the cables run all the way to outside my unit door. I placed a pre-order for NBN back in April. When the NBN-ready date comes around all of the buldings around me are NBN ready except for mine. I waited for a week and called TPG customer service and they said they don't have any more information on when my building will be NBN ready. NBN co website shows my bulding as blue (i.e ready to connect) but the decription says expected availability for my building is January 2020. Keep in mind every other bulding around me is ready to connect. I called up TPG again 1 month after my expected date they still didn't have any information on when my bulding will be ready to connect. I called up NBN co and they said i have to contact my ISP for any information regarding this issue. I contacted my strata and the manager said everything is ready on the construction side and all they have to do is switch on the connection. He even said someone from TPG came and took photos of our building a couple of weeks ago. Its been 2 months from when my building was supposed to be NBN ready but i can't get any information on when i'll be ready to connect.


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We've raised the address inquiry with our Provisioning team to further check with the NBN Co if what's needed to provide you the technology, as you have mentioned that the cables and equipment is already installed in your building.


We'll provide you with the updates once available.




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Thank for the response. Just and FYI my account name is not the same as my forum name. If you need me to verify my account please let me know.


Hi @thegoon59, we have located an account using the email address you have registered here on our community page. Please PM us your account details, (TPG customer ID, username and complete address) so we can verify if we really got the right one.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community

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I have PM'd you my details. I took a couple of pictures of the utility box and the cabling as well.





Thanks for sending the details via PM, @thegoon59. As per checking, your address is currently classified by NBN Co. as Service Class 20, which means that the area is being developed to be serviced by NBN and the corresponding planned serviceability date is 31/01/2020.


We source all of our data for upcoming NBN releases directly from NBNCo. We acknowledge that these dates are subject to change and unfortunately often do.


Nonetheless, we'll make sure that a member of our NBN team will contact you once the service becomes available in your area.