NBN installation

Level 2
This morning the technician set up and check our line for NBN installation. He told me to wait 15mins to 2 hrs to be able to light up on the nbn box and modem. Unfortunately, only 2 lights are on for nbn box and the internet and dsl on modem have no light. Its been 2 weeks or so that we been raising this to your team. Our billing is not fixed too. They said we owe some money but when i check on my account we’ve paid already. Its a total mess already and we are thinking moving to other provider though we stayed for almost 6years. And if you have any nearest office on our place as your call centre in Philippines are not really helping much. Hope to hear from you soon as we are paying much and we are not getting the full satisfaction of your service.

Hi @ndechavezjr1428


We apologise tha the installation of your NBN service wasn't smooth sailing. 


I've seen that you have spoken to one of our Case Managers and was advised that we will raise this matter to NBN Co for further checking. 


An update will be provided as soon as it becomes available. 


Thank you! 


Hi @ndechavezjr1428


I'll have a Case Manager to contact you today at 6PM SYD for assistance. 


Should you have another preferred time, feel free to let us know.