NBN out again

Level 3

Well it's been a good couple of months with only some small dropouts but today normal transmission has resumed. NBN has been out since around 1030 this morning. Your website still shows no outages for Acacia Gardens / Quakers Hill. Your call centre told me there was an outage & Optus was showing up a cable fault soemwhere. However both Telstra & Optus have now updated that there is no outage now. NBN is still not up & running & showing no signs of coming back. Also why does your services status update never show the outages


Hi @chatswood


Apologies for the interruption to your service. 


Some customers have experienced loss of service due to a resource isolation alarm. Field technicians have installed a generator at the site. 


I've ran a test and it shows that your modem is up and running for a couple of hours now. 


Should you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.