NBN outage, no info

Level 2
No NBN at our place for at least the last 3 hours, network status page says there are no issues and TPG sent me an SMS a little under an hour ago to say our service is affected by an outage. And your support line says you’re not answering phone calls bc of the number of calls you’re getting.

Seriously, when are you going to sort out your various comms channels to provide up to date info so that we don’t have to try three ways of finding out what the issue is and how long the fix is likely to take?

What is the estimated to fix the current outage?
Level 2
Update: outage was fixed overnight.

TPG, you need to lift your comms efforts during service outages.

Hi @jazzah,


We're glad to know that the outage has been fixed. We've seen that the service has been connected for 12h. We apoogise for any inconvenience. Let us know should you require further assistance.