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NBN wifi cannot connect to internet

Level 2

5G NBN wifi is connectable wirelessly.

LED indicators for 2.4G, 5G, and internet on the modem are all constantly lit up

Unable to go online.

NBN website does not state an NBN outage on the address

From the wifi modem management page 

Internet status: Disconnected

stated something about please manually configure DNS, however manually configuring DNS to a usable DNS address did not resolve the issue, have tried both google and tpg's dns adresses


two passes, however

Network Connection Status Inspect (NCSI) has returned fail

Should not be an account payment issue as internet went out in the middle of a billing period

Please advise



Hi @yaping8862 


Are you still not able to connect to the internet?


We'd like to check on what we can do to restore the service ASAP.


Please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 2

I have also had this issue over the last 48 hours. Keeps assigning new IP addresses at certain parts of the house but as soon as I move to a different part of the house the internet connections drops again despite being able to connect to Wifi. Other devices not encountering this issue. Being in recovery mode / safe mode on laptop doesn't resolve the issue, so less likely a software issue. Been on hold to technical support for 30 minutes now, will keep waiting in the meantime. 


Hi @joshuahopz 


Just to clarify your post.


You are only experiencing the dropouts or lost of connection on your laptop? Other devices are connecting fine?


Did you check if the WiFi adapter on your computer needs updating?