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How to tell when your email is transferred to TMC?

Level 3

I accepted the transfer to TMC back in August and was assured my email was 'on standby' for the move..


Today I received an email entitled 'Final Reminder' telling me my account will be suspended on the 14th of November if I don't Opt in.


How can I tell if/when I get transferred? (I have more than one account that is supposed to transfer)


How can I tell if I am still 'on standby'? (given that I have heard nothing from TMC beyond the 'TMC Notification' email and entering that into the relevant web page)

Level 7

TMC say they'll let each fully migrated person know when it's complete.

Level 3

Yep, they did say that.


But it's now over two months since I accepted the transfer and 14 days before my email gets cut off.


Surely there must be an issue somewhere?


Hi @mvandere 


When you receive the final reminder, did you try to process the transfer again?


If not, try it again to make sure as the migration is still in progress as it is being performed by batch.


Level 3

OK, tried that and got "Your account has already been successfully registered for transfer"


Alright. Now wait for the update from TMC once the migration is complete.


Have a good day!

Level 3

It concerns me that I've been waiting since the 15th of August (77 days ago),  and if I don't get transferred in the next 15 days I will be turned off.


Surely 'something is wrong'?


The migration started on mid October, which is done by batch, so it is still within their timeframe and you'll receive a notification once it is done.

Level 2

Still hasn't occured for me either, here's the email I got from TMC:


received 30/9/23 01:04

[TMC LOGO Splash]

"Your registration has been received!

Hi there,

Thank you for choosing our email service.

This email is just confirming that your registration has been received
and right now there is nothing else to do - we will be in touch before
anything else changes.

Your email is still being provided by your ISP until you are migrated
- we'll be sure to let you know before and after this occurs. Just
keep accessing your email as you always do for now.

We look forward to having you on our service soon."



That's all well and good, but I notice on the TMC webpage here:

that's there's no SIGN-IN link. Has TMC moved anyone over yet,

and if so, HOW are they signing in (for email 'post office' and also

presumably, to check their new TMC account) ?

Level 3

only 18 days to go till 1st December, and after Opting IN in August this year, i've heard NOTHING from TMC ! at the time of Opting IN - i got an immediate response (computer generated) "SUCCESS you have Registered for migration .............etc". Since then, i've heard NOTHING !


what happens on the 1st December - in 18 days time, where i find i still haven't received notice of migration with TMC hosted email log in details ? TPG apparantly cut their email service on 30th November ! how do i then get my email on 1st December ?


getting stressed ..........

have had my TPG email since 1997

thanks ......