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NBN50 Very Low Upload Speed - <1Mbps when it should be 20

Level 3

Hello, my current NBN plan is NBN50. Which should be capable of 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. However, I have only ever seen download speeds reach the expected value.

Ookla Speedtest Results:

It can be seen that the upload speed is extremely low



My modem is the one provided by TPG upon initial installation. Huawei HG659

I have tried factory resetting the modem, restarting my computer, and waiting until there are no other devices active.

I am currently connected to the 5G bandwidth, and I cannot find any setting in the modem relating to a set bandwidth limit.

I have been keeping task manager open on a second monitor showing WiFi receive/send speeds, and I have never once seen the upload speed exceed 1Mbps.


This is frustrating because the upload speed we are paying for is never reached. This makes uploading images and files online like onedrive difficult, while also causing extreme lag due to high latency/ping in videogames.

Can this please be resolved? 


Thank you


Hi F_rank, we're keen to have a closer look at your connection and investigate why you're only getting 1Mbps upload speed. Have you ever tried running a speed test on wired connection? 


Let's take a look at your account and run some tests here. Please send your account details via private message.



Level 3


I have PM'd my account details.


Connecting a laptop via ethernet gave me 0.8Mpbs upload on Ookla, and around 40Mbps download.


Thank you