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NBN50 download very slow

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we recently moved from Spintel to TPG because Spintel NBN50 download was only giving us 12Mbps but after having connected to TPG our download was around 47Mbps for 3 days but now we are down to about 9Mbps did we make a mistake moving to TPG when all the ads about TPG NBN states 42Mbps evening time.


Please advise because if this is what we getting then maybe we should have stayed with Spintel.


Hi @michaelkarzon59 ,


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As you've advised that you were getting 47 Mbps before, but recently experienced a download speed of 9 Mbps. This means that the 42 Mbps typical evening speed is attainable.


We've tested the NBN line and was not able to detect any fault within the network.


We've created an article that will guide you on how to troubleshoot a slow speed issue. Check this link.


We've refreshed your connection remotely to give it a fresh start.


If the issue persists after you follow the troubleshooting guide, please let us know and will check it further.



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Thank you for refreshing our connection as this have fixed our issue.


Thank you





We're glad to know that the issue has been fixed. Let us know should you require further assistance.