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NEW Home Wireless Broadband Unlimited suddenly disconnected

Level 2

I received my modem for my new service last Thursday, and set-up was very smooth and quick, with pretty good internet every day it's been used so far - even today.  But suddenly late this afternoon, it abruptly cut off.  I turned the modem off, waited a while, then turned it back on again.  No luck.  I tried again, and later, again. I've looked since at all the standard troubleshooting advice, and have turned off and on again different buttons, checked cables etc.  Weirdly, all the lights show a connection on the modem (I'd expect at least a red light or a missing light) but aren't apparently *actually* connected to wifi. It's not a device problem, as all the devices I've tried all say there's no internet connection.  My phone's reception / data works so it doesn't appear to be a mobile tower problem either.



Hi @arielisabaram


Status lights indicate that there should be connection. PM us with your TPG account details so we can check the status of your service.