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Need Urgent Help (Missing NBN Box)

Level 2

Hi TPG, 
May I request for your urgent help, I applied the relocation last week and I received your TP-Link router today only. As I mentioned to your cs on phone earlier, my new home only got the wall pin socket (see photo below) and need you supply me the NBN Box. I will move in this week and I can't connect to the internet without the NBN Box, appreciate you can ship me the NBN box ASAP.

Many Thanks

My tpg new id: andying1234 

Wall socketWall socket


Level 15

Hi @Andying123 . From the picture, it looks a HFC coaxial connector. Is that correct?

On Tuesday morning, you could check with the real estate agent to find out if the previous resident took the Arris box, power adapter and coax cable. These are supposed to stay with the house.

Level 2

I also checked my property agent and they said the previous tenant took the box overseas and unable to return...can someone from TPG help me out of here please?


Hi @Andying123,


We're here to help and get things sorted our for you. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there.