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NBN Install not working

Level 2


We had an NBN Engineer install FTTP last week, which has yet to work. 


Directly after the installation, I received an email stating that TPG could not connect with the modem and that the power was switched off. 


This is not correct. 


Sadly, I have sent five emails back to the same email address and am still waiting for a response.


  • On 8th Jan, an NBN engineer installed the modem.
  • On the same day, you sent me an email stating that you cannot connect to the modem.
  • Since the 18th Jan, I have sent TPG five emails (with a photo of the modem) stating the modem is powered on.
  • No one has replied. 

To add to the frustration

  • Chat support cannot help. 
  • email keeps bouncing back. 
  • There is over 1hr wait on the support line, and my reception is poor. 
  • The fact I have to post in a community forum to support an installation is very poor. 


Level 15

Hi @adammulcahy . The red Optical light indicates no connection to fibre network. The fibre cable is not connected properly at your end or the other end or a break in the fibre cable. TPG has to arrange with NBN to fix.

Send a private message to a moderator. You have to signin first.

Level 2
Yep you are correct.

The installer left the setup in this state.

I can’t get hold of anyone at TPG to fix it.

It is a sad state of affairs that I am the one paying for this service and following up the issues as it’s not working.

Level 7

David is spot on. The optical light would be green if you had an intact fibre connection. You can't contact NBN direct. Hopefully a mod here will get you to pm your details and will progress the problem.


Hi @adammulcahy,


Help is here! Send us a private message and we'll pull up your account to get the ball rolling.