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Need to reset my FTTB modem/router every day

Level 2
I have had to restart my Arch VR1600V router/modem every morning for the last few weeks as I can't connect to the router wirelessly. I went through some of trouble shooting guides and changed the channel of the 2.4GHz, but no avail.
The Internet connection is working but having to restart every morning is an annoyance.
Can you provide some guidance here?
Thanks, Enrico

Hi @enrbueno18 


Welcome to the Community!


Where is the location of the modem/router? Did you notice the changes of the light status of the modem/router, when the connection for your 2.4GHz network isn't working?

Aside from turning off and on the device, have you tried to factory reset it? If not, please try to factory reset the device. Performing this, the settings will get back to default and you may personalise it again.


If the issue persists even after the factory reset, please let us know and will check this further.