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New TPG NBN 50Mbit Plan

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Level 3

Hi Guys,

            Changed to the new 50Mbit plan from the 25 plan and had the best experience. Plan went thprough in a couple of hours. Speed test run and got the below.

Ookla Speedtest:
Down: 46.56
Up: 18.77
Gotta be happy with that!

Level 4

Thats about the same as i get, took a few weeks for it to settle down to a constant speed.

no complaints now.


Level 2

I just jumped from Telstra rip off FTTB plan to the TPG 50mbs unlimited.


Never would I thought this would have been so painless. Telstra cut off Friday Morning, Plugged the TPG router in Friday night and BANG, configured, and signed in automatically and 47 MBPS straight away.


Great work TPG....  Now saving $40 per month for a faster unlimited service....