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No Internet connection after power went off (again)

Level 2


Every time the power goes off the internet disconnects and won't connect again. We have called TPG support several times and they do a series of tests and then eventually delegate to a tech person. We never get a call or anything but the internet magically comes back on again the next day. 


Well the power went off again and you would never guess, the internet won't connect again. I did a search for answers online and apart from restarting (which I have done) there doesn't seem to be any other solution. 


I did notice that the password in the modem was set to 'noPassword' which seemed a bit odd to me, I tried changing it to the actual account password but it didn't work, maybe the account is locked? 


It would be good to get a solution that enabled us to fix this ourselves because the power goes out several times a year. 






Hi @neolious


We'd like to check on this further and run some tests for better understanding of the issue.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.