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Has anyone actually managed to speak to someone from TPG tech support team since they started operating remotely due to COVID-19?

I have attempted to start a chat with someone at TPG approx 8 times now and after I wait in the queue for over an hour someone from TPG will just close the chat without actually speaking to me.


We can't call them at them moment, so I'm at a lose at how to get my internet connection restored, especially when I'm having to work from home at the moment and have no internet!!!


Extremely frustrating!!!

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Yes, this happened to me. They just abandon the chat and you're left talking to yourself. Now I see there's no chat at all, just a leave a message option.


@madelainec88  My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.


I ran several test on the connection and we do not see any issues outside or in the network. Your modem is trying to communicate with our server.


Try switching your modem off for 3 minutes.


If you are not able to connect after this, please try accessing your modem to ensure that your TPG username and password is configured there.


The link below may help


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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This what chat looks like to me, nobody home although I'm connected.



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Even better - I was number 842 in the queue and the chat was disconnected.  Now there is no option to find support AT ALL.

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I have had the same problem im going to speak to the ombudsmen to see my rights in exiting your terrible service thanks tpg for nothing.

Hi All,


We apologize about the delay in support last week as our support team was transitioning towards working from home in order for us to meet our commitment in providing assistance to our customers and at the same time keeping our team safe from harm.

if you are still encountering technical difficulties, we are definitely happy to help.


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any other options , to get tech help ?