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No connection - NBN outage - Baulkham Hills area

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I received 2 sms messages yesterday saying there was a NBN outage in my area - first one was at 1.30pm and the second at 2.30pm. I have not received anything since.

  • I have recycled the NBN box 2 or 3 times without connection. 
  • The NBN Network Status page says that there is a fault at my address
  • The TPG Service Status page says that there is a "reported issue" but I cannot see any mention of "Baulkham Hills" or any surrounding areas in the TPG Service Status page 
  • I have logged a Fault through the TPG app this morning but at 5-6 hours later, there has been no contact or update given.
  • I have tested my connection through the App multiple times - the data and modem are offline (voice is still online)

TPG, this is seriously bad service - I have done everything I can, short of calling you, to find out when I can my service back (which I am paying you for). I can't even find out what happened and what might be being done to fix the situation from either yourselves or NBNCo.


I realise that this could be a busy time but really, you've got to be better than this. 


Hi @tumblebug 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and checked the service.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience as your service was affected by an unplanned outage.

We were advised that NBN experienced a service interruption to customers due to a local power outage. The power outage has been restored and you are now online.


Stay safe.