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No internet connection

Level 1d
No internet and home phone is not working 3 days already. Need help

Hi @Soksitha 


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We've managed to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the case.

It appears that you've applied for an NBN service with another ISP, which is why the service was requested to be transferred to them.


However, you've advised our NBN Provisioning team that you've cancelled the order with them. The reactivation of the account has been requested and updates will be given by your case manager as soon as it becomes available.


Stay safe and have a good day.


Level 1d
Now I get internet back but the speed is lower than what TPG have offered me. Please help check it.

Hi, we can see that your service shows up and stable for more than 2 days now. If you are still having issues with the speed, we recommend having a read of this community article that may help you:


Slow speed issue


If the issue persists, you can PM us your contact details so we can arrange one of our Senior Technical specialists to contact you.