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No internet for 11 days now. Not happy!

Level 2
My name is Gemma Wilson.
I am so appalled by the lack of support we can receive by you. I have emailed over a week ago and heard NOTHING back.
I have not had my interest working for over 10 days now and I’m very OVER IT!
I was already mad but I still reluctantly paid my internet bill hoping it would help, we’ll it didn’t! I am sick of it!
I have a son and we cannot reach his schooling online OR just simply use our tv or stream ANYTHING! I do not pay for unlimited internet to have NO CONNECTION!
I am so beyond mad and this needs fixing ASAP! I expect to be able to have some form of compensation because I have now paid for an internet service that isn’t even working, and haven’t been able to contact ANYONE in the last week! I have sent 3 emails, I have attempted to call every day the past week and got nowhere and every time I try to get support online it tells me no one is available!
I am very very mad!
Level 2

I'm exactly the same. No internet and no way to get support. They can get f'd if they think I am paying bills for a service they can't deliver. 

Level 2
It’s actually a joke! I hope they realise they are going to have ALOT of unhappy customers! I get it’s tough times but they aren’t even offering simple support
Level 3

Have you guys had a resolution to this. I am in the same situation albeit only 24 hours but impossible to get any support.