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No internet, nbn reports no outage

Level 2
I’ve been on hold to TPG support for almost half an hour and have been reading posts on the community page and it seems that everyone does the same thing, with no answer on their phone, so I’ll follow the trend.
I lost internet last night. Received a text from tpg saying nbnco was investigating an outage in my area. Waiting all day for an update from tpg still nothing, so I looked up nbn outage on their website and it reports no faults or outage detected.

Have turned off both tpg modem and nbn box a few times. Pressed the resets button on the nbn box still nothing.
Power light is on and downstream light is flashing no other lights. Occasionally all 4 lights will start flashing.
Any advise?

Hi @sparrow01,


We recommend to always visit our Service Status page to check for maintenance/outage:


If your address is not listed, send us a PM and we'll check your service.