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No internet

Level 3
I have no internet access after a week of intermittent drop outs it's stayed off for 24 hours. Is there an issue with nbn in the area?
Level 3
Back in again for now, it's getting pretty annoying. Do you have a reporting platform for interruptions?
Level 3
Nevermind it's gone off AGAIN!!! 🤬🤬🤬

Hi @Lesleyduncs1, we have checked the status of your connection and we can see an indication that it is dropping out.


We'd like to know if the modem is currently connected and on. Also, can you provide us the make and model of the modem?

Level 3
Yes the modem is on,
It was one TPG supplied
Tp link model archer vr1800v

Thanks, @Lesleyduncs1. We can see that your connection is up and running now, but we'd like to make sure that it will remain stable.


We'll monitor this for 24 hours and if the issue persists, we'll investigate further. Thank you.


Hi @Lesleyduncs1, we have escalated the issue to our Engineering Team and they will be monitoring your case.


The case engineer will be in touch before 5PM SA time tomorrow to further discuss the matter.


Should you need any assistance, please let us know. Thank you.