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No nbn for over 10 days

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So I haven't had nbn for over 10 days now. Nbnco says there is an unplanned outage that they estimate will be fixed by last Saturday and I'll be updated which clearly didn't happen. I've rung tpg 3 times and they've just said it's down due to power outages in the area which are well and truly fixed by now (and we never lost power) so ?? An app ticket was raised to the engineering team then closed. They were going to get back to me in 24-48 hours and didn't. I've another app ticket in but who knows. Now nbnco says there's an unplanned outage next weekend. I'm incredibly disappointed by the lack of communication and have no idea how or even if I'll be compensated for the lack of a service I've paid for?????

Hi @Reytrina


As you have been aware, severe weather has caused the area to experience a loss of main power and backup batteries depleting, resulting in an unplanned outage. 


The technician has advised that fallen trees have caused damage to nbn™ infrastructure and restoration activities require traffic Management. 


Multiple services are affected by this unplanned outage. Our Tech team is continuously monitoring the fault and further updates will be communicated where possible. 


You may also check the status of the outage via this link: NBN Network Outage