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Nothing but internet cut outs since nbn

Level 2
From day dot changing to nbn I have to reboot over and over again several times a day, past almost 3 months so over it it will be better they say I try call to address the issue always excuse or send new modem that didn't fix issue. Just as bad as telling me switch to their mobile I will get reception 🙄 yet much worse. They said they credited my account to get me off the phone I managed to get in that day to try check only to see that was a lie it said I had to pay $30 so I go to try check now I am getting error. I went to try do test thought maybe that will raise issue with them but can't even log in.
There have been too many login attempts with this username from your location. Please reconfigure, disable or un-install any usage meter software that is checking your TPG usage, as it is the likely cause of this issue. I don't have no metre so frustrating

@SooverTpc . Any resolution to this yet?

Community Manager

Hi @SooverTpc,


We're keen to check out what's going on. Send me a private message so we can bring up your account and take a closer look.