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Old Website files due for deletion after July 18, 2023

Level 2

I would like to download the files for my now used TPG website using the FireFox browser. Can someone tell me how I can do it?

Level 15

Hi @Gemexpl . Login to MyAccount in the usual way.

Go to Manage your Website Files.

You will see the home directory with its files and all sub-directories.

There is also a "Key" explaining the symbols beside each file. Note the Download symbol.

Looks like you have to download every file one by one. All files are saved in the Download directory in Windows.

Create a directory on your computer to match the directory structure in webspace.

Download all files in home directory first. Then move the files to the new "home" directory.

For each directory in webspace, download the files one by one, then move to the new directory structure.


This browser way is rather simplistic. Using FTP program is much less work.