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Packet loss

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Hi, I've been experiencing packet loss recently at my location.


To measure it, I've used Wireshark and set a capture filter for TCP. Filtering that for retransmissions gives me 2.4% of all TCP packets -- so it's quite a large amount of loss.


That's downloading at around 10Mbit/s. At a less saturated rate of 1.5Mbit/s, loss is ~1%, which is still fairly high...



Hi @adam1958 

Welcome to the community!

What troubleshooting have you done so far? We'd love to help and see what causes packloss to your connection. We tried to use your community and we got matching records found. To ensure we have the correct account.

Please PM us your (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).

In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community



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I have found this happens on multiple computers, and have restarted my modem/router. I have not tried another modem/router, but I think I might have another one lying around somewhere...

I'll post another response once I've tested it on another router, and soon I'll also test it on different ports in my house.

I do not have a phone connected, but I am using an ADSL filter. 


Thanks for sending me your details @adam1958,

We ran an initial test of your service and we've seen a minimal dropout caused by noise on the line. We made an adjustment to your connection for monitoring purposes, this is to eliminate the noise and to stabilize the connection.

Note: This change may affect the speed of your service for the mean time. We'll monitor your connection for the next 24-48hrs.

Let us know should you require further assistance.



Hi @adam1958 ,

Do you experience any latency issue the last 2 days? We monitored the connection it has been stable for 4d 20h 55m with no latency issue recorded.

Note: We'll change the connection settings of your service to the way it was, you may experience connection drop out today

Please confirm, we'll wait for your response. Cheers!

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I think there is still a little bit of packet loss, but now the raw speed seems a bit faster, so I don't think any more changes to the connection are necessary... Thanks for the help anyways! It's not a huge problem.


We're glad to know that @adam1958 in case you will have queries or concern in the future do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community.