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Parental control on my NBN connection

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Hi there,

I signed up on one of your NBN plans with a 50GB peak quota and and I wanted to know if theres any way to limit usage during specific times of the day?

I also want to know if I can block certain websites as I have young kids and would like to block some.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Telecaster

I have used cloud based OpenDNS which is free for households.

If you set your DNS settings in your PC or modem to OpenDNS and confgiure an accout it will control what each device can access. Very good and no charge

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Thanks @Elss

I was reading that my modem (Huawei 659) has a built in function for parental lock and usage limit based on hrs, might give it ago. If it doesnt suit my needs ill try your option

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I use the time control on my HG 659 at home to stop the kids from using the internet on school days. Works great.


Not so popular with the kids though Smiley Happy

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@InfinityPlusTwo could we see some screen shots of the options for controlling just to get an idea of the levels of control and what is possible please. Thanks.

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Here you go!

Pic 1.JPG








Pic 2.JPG



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Thanks @Lightscribe. I added some URLs, let's see how things go moving forward
There's also a lot of programs/firewalls that you can setup that can filter content, set bandwidth limits and even restrict users via logins/mac/ip to specific times of day

Each family is different so always best to research what works best for your household.

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hi. This looks great. How do i get to this page? I can't see it when i log onto my account. Thanks