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Phony email?

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Just received an email from telling me that my emails have been archived 'due to subsequent verification failure'. Is this genuine? Is that a TPG person?

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...and now a few minutes later, the same thing purporting to be from  '!

Community Manager

Hi @alanguide,

Welcome to the community!

We have had a few reports of these emails in the last 24 hours.

Please ignore these email's as TPG as a company would not ask for these customer details out of the blue.

I will try and get an example email so i can post in the community to make people aware.

Thanks for the feedback @alanguide


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Hi Manuel


Thanks for your reply.  I suspected as much. I did not click on any link, so did not see any request for details. But these were odd because they appeared to use genuine tpg customer addresses, (but not 'support@' although they said support).  

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I have similar ones. If you read the body of the text, the poor use of English gives it away. Also at the bottom it is usually signed dtp or something like that. The fact that it has a name then is a give away. TPG don't use names in their emails.

Hope it helps