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Port Forwarding VX220

Level 2

I would like to open port 8000 to setup CCTC connection on my laptop.

Level 15

Hi @7350956 . Are you wanting to access CCTC from out in the internet?

Do you have a normal NBN connection or 4G/5G wireless broadband? Port forwarding won't work on wireless broadband.


Run CCTC on your laptop. In command window, do      netstat -an     and check that port 8000 is Listening. 

Give your laptop a reserved ip address on your LAN, eg.

Create a rule (Virtual servers/Port forwarding): external port 8000; internal port 8000; internal ip address as in the previous step.

Set up Dynamic DNS so you can use a hostname to access your laptop. DDNS will update your hostname with the current WAN ip address which can change from time to time. You can still do it without DDNS but you have to check your WAN ip address.