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Possible line issue with TPG FTTB

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I am currently on TPG FTTB (non-NBN, Superfast plan). It has been working very well with my ASUS DSL-AC68U until recent months when I'm getting random disconnections every now and then. In the last 1-2 months, the disconnections has increased up till this week when it will just disconnect multiple times a day. When connected, the modem is able to sync at 100Mbps DL / 40Mbps UL and speedtests to about the same.


Here are the line details from my ASUS DSL-AC68U

SNR Margin: 9.0dB (DL), 6.0dB (UL) 

Line Attenuation: 4.9dB (DL), 10.8dB (UL)

Interleave Depth: 1047 (DL), 8 (UL)

Data Rate: 99965kbps (DL), 40958kbps (UL)

Max Rate: 142228kbps (DL), 40958kbps (UL)

Power: 14.3dbm (DL), 3.4dbm (UL)


At times the SNR Margin is 0.0dB (DL and UL) and then disconnects.


For reference, I pulled out the TPG supplied modem TPLink Archer VR1600v for testing. Here are the line details:

Current Rate: 99998kbps (DL), 40249kbps (UL)

Mac Rate: 122723kbps (DL), 40474kbps (UL)

SNR Margin: 13.5dB (DL), 6.2dB (UL)

Line Attenuation: 6.1dB (DL), 12.5dB (UL)

Error Packets: 44347 (DL), 512 (UL)


With this modem, it is a little bit more stable. Still syncs to the rated speed and speedtests to the same. It is able to remain connected between 2-7 hours. But it still disconnects every now and then. However this evening it disconnected 4 times in the span of about 2 hours.


Can you see if the modem stats are showing signs of line issue? The TPG FTTB terminal is located in my apartment basement. I am in level 2 so the distance shouldn't be too great. 





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Hi Riezl,


Just updating about my case. I'm happy to inform that my issue has been resolved, for now. A very friendly tech guy came last Friday and rewired the port/cabling in the basement. The modem is now connected for 2 days 15 hours 53 minutes (as of this morning, 9 Dec 2019) and has no disconnection whatsoever. Error packets remained low during this period and is counting at 85 (UL) and 453 (DL) which is a big improvement compared to last time (in the tens of thousand). Service is running fine throughout the weekend and we experienced no interruptions. 


We'll leave it for now and see how it goes for the week. Thank you for your support and also the team at TPG. 

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Hi @davesday 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line.


We are not able to detect any fault within the network as of the moment, but we'd like to arrange a call from our Tech team to look into it further.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


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Thanks BasilDV for your assistance. Are you able to check my connection history whether there were a lot of disconnections? 


BTW, I started using the supplied modem (TPLink VR1600v) for more than 11 hours now without disconnection. I supposed my ASUS modem has turned bad.


Hi @davesday, multiple connection drop outs were recorded based on your data usage report and we have sent a copy of this to your TPG email address.


We suggest that you leave the TPG modem connected and on for 24 hours for us to fully identify if it's your ASUS modem that is causing the issue.


If the issue persists using the TPG modem, please let us know so we can investigate further. Thank you.


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Thanks Riezl. I have the TPG modem plugged in for the entire weekend now. Today I had experienced 2 disconnections. This evening, I the VR1600v modem reported a high number of error packets. Not sure what that means (395 error packets upload, 28040 error packet download). But I'm having a lot of ping issues when gaming. 


Hi @davesday, we can see that the connection is still dropping out and we'd like to look into this further.


We have arranged one of our senior technical specialists to contact you between 10AM-1PM NSW time today for troubleshooting.

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Hi Riezl,


Just updating that a TPG representative has called me. Was told 1 disconnection a day is normal and within acceptable range. However I would like to update that I am still getting disconnections:


1. 2 Dec - 1 disconnection

2. 3 Dec - 4 disconnections

3. 4 Dec - 3 disconnections


VR1600v is showing a large number of error packets. However there is no performance degradation. Just this random disconnection going on.




Hi @davesday, thanks for getting back to us. Are you able to check what light on the TPG modem normally goes off whenever the connection drops?

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When I noticed the internet is not responding I normally check the modem and the sync light would be blinking. And when restored the ‘internet’ light would return.

Sometimes when I log into the VR1600v modem GUI I would notice the connection time have reset. I assume this means connection was lost at some point and it resumed again. The logs seem to indicate that too. The line stats stay mostly the same but I’ve seen it change before. For example the SNR Margin upload would increase and my upload speed is slightly lower than the max sync upload of 40,000kbps.

Thanks for the additional details, @davesday. We have escalated the issue to our Engineering Team for further investigation and a case engineer will be in touch via SMS or phone call to discuss the progression of the case.


If there's a need for us to send a technician, you will be advised. For now, please leave the TPG modem connected and on as we'll need to run additional remote testing. Thank you.