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Refund on cancellation account

Level 2


I want to check on my refund status.

I successfully canceled my account after calling four times. However, I still got charged with billing invoice: 791116484.

I called again, and TPG confirmed that they would not charge my account and provided another invoice: 791184061 with a minus amount.

However, I am still being charged.


TPG .png


So, may I check:

  1. When and how will I get a refund?

  2. What does it mean when my Amount Payable shows a minus amount: $-59.99? Does it mean I will receive a refund?

Additionally, I checked with ACCC on that case because I'm too tired to call back and forth several times just to cancel my account. It's complicated and frustrating!


ACCC report.png

Please help me check!

Thank you.


Hi @nhuynh47 


We'd be happy to check the status of the refund. Please send us a private message and we'll up your account. 



Level 2

 Have you received it? Because the notification announces that I reach the limit, while I haven't sent any private message before. 


TPG Private mess.png

Level 2

Literally, I contacted you privately but haven't received any response... Can you check it?