Routing issues FFXIV

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Hello I am sharing my roommates connection and wanted to ask here first before commiting to actual technical requests via them. I think I am using an FTTB connection, playing Final Fantasy XIV on Japan Servers. The routing before wasn't an issue and was able to connect to these servers without packet loss. Now starting from 15/02/2023, I get this severe packet loss. When I ran through tracert on my desktop, the connection will always gets timed out | [] | on this address. I got to know the address once it responded for some time, but out of all the traces I did, it didnt respond. I am wondering if there is a solution I can fix without relying too much on a vpn. I didnt use vpn before this issue, so I am trying to limit the use of it if theres nothing that can be done.


Hi @Ragnarok-891 


Did you run the Tracert while connected to the VPN or not?


Are you using a LAN/Ethernet connection or a WiFi connection?


Kindly send us a private message with your account details for further checking.



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@BasilDV . I get similar long response times on my ethernet computer.

User was not on VPN because tracert shows TPG addresses. If user was on VPN, the tracert would show addresses starting from the VPN provider.

In the user's tracert, there is a big delay between hop3 and 4, both TPG devices.

Hop 6 is located in Spain, but there is no extra delay getting there from TPG.

Hop 7 is located in Japan, and another big delay getting there.


@Ragnarok-891 . Do you know some-one with another provider who can do tracert to see if they get a better response time. They could send you the result and you post it here.