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Second modem for a large home

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Hi everyone


Question: Can we use 2 modems in a two storey home, for better wifi reach?


TPG has sent me a second modem, the VX series, said to improve wifi quality (thank you).

The existing one, model AC1600 is to be redundant very soon.

My thought is: Can we use the AC1600 for downstairs rooms, in the hope that wifi signal is good - though out the house?

Can we do that? Thanks for your thought.




Hi @Hunter12 . Remove existing modem and connect the VX and get the internet working with it. Check if its wifi gives good coverage to whole house.

If not, the old modem can be used as a cabled extender. You need Cat6 cable from VX to the other part of the house. On the old one, change its ip address (if VX is, make the old one and disable DHCP. Make connection from LAN port to LAN port.

You can keep all wifi names different, or change the old wifi names and passwords to match the VX. On the 2.4G network, use a different channel on each modem (1 and 6, or 1 and 11, or 6 and 11). With same names, wifi devices can move around without having to reconnect.

If running a cable is not possible, you are looking at a proper wifi extender.