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Slow ADSL2+ connection

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This might be a long story.

About 1 month ago, the ADSL connection started to drop like crazy. It will keep connecting and disconnected during 15 mins to half an hour, which happened several times a day. Then we contacted TPG the first time, a technician came and concluded that I may have a broken socket or internal wiring issue since no issue was spotted at MDF (I'm living in apartment).


Then the landlord advised me to contact TPG to ask if they can do wiring and the pricing for doing it. We contacted TPG again but this time a Telstra technician was arranged to check the Telstra incoming phone line. I met and told him there may be internal wiring issue and he also did a short circuit test or sort of thing. And he then told the manager on TPG's side that it's the internal wiring issue. However I'm not sure if it's true but two technicians gave me the same answer, I believed it's true.


After some point, the dropout issue was not that severe anymore, but the speed drops from 18Mbps to around 4Mbps.


At the same time, I was trying to deal with the internal wiring issue. Firstly the landlord sent an electrician to remove all wiring within the apartment and connect the modem to the phone line from the wall directly, which didn't help. Then I tried to connect a long phone line directly from MDF to the modem without cut the original line inside the building but disconnected it. It still didn't make much difference.


One thing that I don't understand is that sometimes when the technician or myself is doing something like re-wiring, removing wires or bypassing the phone line and then connect it back, the speed can go up to about 15Mbps but after a few hours the speed just dropped back to 4-5Mbps.


Just a few things to mention, we tried 4 modem routers with factory reset and reboot, they all shows the same speed including the brand new one we bought recently. And the SNR margin is about 10-15dB for all of them, where the attenuation maintains around 21-29dB.


Can anyone help please?

Locate in North Melbourne


Hi @ppheart


Welcome to the Community! 


I was able to locate your account using your Community details and has gone through the history of this case. 


I've completed tests and can see disconnections which would affect the speed of your internet connection.


I've now escalated this case to our Engineering team for further investigation as there are many factors that would affect your internet connection.


They'll be in touch to provide updates within 24hrs via SMS or a phone call. 


Should you have a preferred contact time or number, please let us know via Private Message and we'll forward this to our Engineering team. 




Hi @ppheart


Thanks for sending your details via Private Message. 


I've forwarded this to our Engineering team and they'll be in touch to provide you further updates via SMS or phone between 6:00pm - 7:00pm tonight. 


We will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.



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Hi Erika, thank you very much for your help. I will keep you updated with the progress. 

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Hi @Erika,

Just let you know that one of the staff will arrange a technician to come but it will be the last time they can do.

Hope the technician can do a thorough investigation with the phone line.


Thanks for letting us know, @ppheart.


Please be assured that our Engineering Team is closely monitoring this case and the case engineer will be in touch as soon as new updates become available.


Should you need further assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!

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Hi there,

The technician just came and finished testing. The cause of the slow connection turns out to be the incoming line fault. Allocating a new pair (hopefully a good pair) of cable could solve the problem. Now I'm waiting for further updates and instructions.


Thank you for letting us know, ppheart


I've also since checked the lodged fault and it seemed that our Engineering Team will need to further evaluate the results of the on-site visit as well as changing of the copper line. 


Our Engineering Team will provide you updates as soon as it becomes available. 


Please feel free to let us know should you have further queries. 




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A quick update. An installation (treated as moving home) was arranged from Telstra which was finished this morning. However the issue persists, then I went to the MDF and found out no change was made on the incoming line.


I was not contacted when the technician was doing the work, and when I checked the network status, the technician had finished and left. It's hard for me to believe that they actually switched another pair of wire for me.


I've notified the TPG staff called Allen and I'm waiting for his phone call.




Hi @ppheart


Thanks for the update. 


As I can see here on our records, our Engineers has made some changes on your line profile and is still monitoring the connection. 


They've rescheduled another call tomorrow to discuss this with you. 


Let us know should you need further assistance.