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Slow ADSL2 + speeds

Level 1c

Hello, I have been experiencing slow internet speed. I contacted your support desk on Wed 29th August, the technician checked outside connections and router connection and everything was okay. 


Link to speed test below. 


My username is mags*****


Kind regards,









Hi mags308a,


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to run remote tests and it shows that the line speed your modem was getting is within range based on your distance from the exchange. I went ahead and refreshed the connection on our end. 


Please let us know if there's any difference with the speed or if possible, try and do the speedtest over wired connection so we can make a comparison over Wi-Fi speed. 


We'll wait for your response. 





Level 1c

Hi Ahra, 

Thanks for your response.

We have re-run the speedtest with wired and wireless connection as requested.

Results are below:


Wired Speed Test 

Wireless Speed Test


The results show a fractionally better speed but still well below what we were previously getting.

Foxtel requires at least 6mbps to run without buffering.

Can you please see if something further can be done?

Also out of curiosity what is the acceptable range you mentioned?

Much appreciated. 


Thanks for lettting us know, mags308a


Your distance from the exchange is 2.6kms and the acceptable range of speed should play between 3-5Mbps. However, since we run on a copper line, actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by TPG. 


Our Engineers have done an adjustment due to some line noise that caused the drop outs previously. I've put it back to the default and you should be able to get an improvement somehow on the line speed. 


Kindly re-check and let me know how it goes. 



Level 1c

Thanks for your response.

New results are below:


Wired Speed Test

Wireless Speed Test


Speeds look to have improved, we will monitor and advise if they fall.

Thanks for your help. 


You're very welcome, mags308a


Feel free to drop us a message anytime that you require assistance. 



Have a good one! Smiley Happy