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Slow internet download speeds QLD, 4510

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Currently on a 100/40 FTTN Plan with TPG. We have been with TPG for just over 10 years.


For the past 8 weeks we have been experiencing slower than usual download speeds, and the connection seems to become unresponsive for very brief amounts of time (less than 1 minute). During those times access does not work at all.


I have followed troubleshooting guides and isolated the VDSL modem to be connected via ethernet directly for a single machine and can still replicate the issue. I have then tried other Machines to rule out an issue with the computer.


I have attempted a factory reset on the modem today but I am still seeing very slow speeds. The tpg speed test site advises 10Mbps Down / 30 Mbps up at best but seeing lower download speeds as well (5 Mbps). For comparison we used to get ~94 Mbps down and ~36 Mbps up. We seem to have full line sync.


I havent seen any outage information on your site or NBN co to suggest there is a problem.


Thanks in advance.


Hi @JoshV 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and gone ahead to test the line.

You are correct, the modem is getting a full sync with 106 Mbps Downstream and 43 Mbps Upstream.


We'd like to arrange a call from our Tech team to further check this issue. Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted tomorrow.


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