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Slow internet on new modem

Level 2
New customer of TPG. After coming from another provider with a 50 download speed, thought I would upgrade to the TPG 100 plan.

Since connecting it, nothing but issues. Among struggling to get through on the phone, the system not actually being active even though receiving emails saying it is was and the modem not being configured so having to manually do that, the best download speed I can get is 45. We also get the added benefit of it dropping out all the time…….

I don’t know much about all this so don’t know what to do. Is it the modem? Is it the settings? Any help would be appreciative.
Level 7

This sounds a little like my problem after converting from FTTN to FTTP. All resolved now with speeds great, no drop outs and perfect phone in and out,. Are you FTTN, FTTC, FTTB or FTTP?


Hi @Shaunlennon5188 


Are you using the modem/router from your previous provider? If yes, please check if the QoS or Bandwidth control is enabled, then change the value if needed.

You can also disable it, then test the speed again.


Kindly perform the test on both WiFi and Wired connection for comparison.


If you are still getting the speed below 100, then send us a private message with your account details and we'll check it further.