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Slow internet sped just joined

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Level 1a

Hi I’m on the ADSL 2 plan unlimited data I joined less then a month maybe 2 weeks from the moment I had it running it’s slow like dial up like I’m capped? Surely your service is not like this all the time? If so I’ll be switching this is ridiculous. It takes forever for things to load movies pause it’s not what I expected at all.


Hi @Lucianasposaro,


I checked your account and was able to detect a good speed being given to your modem. It seems that you're on a healthy ADSL line.


Please visit this link for troubleshooting slow speed:


Keep us posted if it helps.


Level 1c

I've literally had to use my mobile data (not tpg of course) to load this page and post something. Yes, i've had these issues all the time. I' ve considered switching as well but we are unable to at this moment due to personal issues. My internet is unreliable and drop out alot. I legit had a 144p video buffer, thats right, you read it right. I have attached a screenshot of it. 


Hi @liliangel1975,


I checked your account and seen that you were able to speak with one of our Tech team last 8th of November and the issue about the slow and internet drop outs was escalated to our Engineering team.


Based on the investigation, you were over utilizing the upload of your NBN plan which is up to 1 Mbps only. This causes the drop outs and slow internet speed. Usage report was sent via email by your assigned engineer last 10th of November.


You can upgrade your NBN to our Boost plan which gives you a speed of between 5 Mbps and 25 Mbps for Download and up to 5 Mbps for Upload.