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Slow speed NBN 50 and Constant Drop outs!!!

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To whom it may concern,

Please can some look into this issue of Slow speeds NBN 50 and Constant Drop outs!!!

Getting approx 26.5 download and 0.8 at 11pm tonight this is unexceptable for what I'm paying for. Also the amout of contant dropouts I start seaching a site or a download then I loose conection, this is also unexceptable!!.

Here I am sending this via tethering from my mobile phone where i sould not have to.

So now therefore I'm now out of action for the rest of the evening or how ever long it takes to resolve this issue!!

Why does TPG not have tecnical support 24/ 7??.  Is TPG saying that we dont have technical issues after midnight during the week and and after 9pm on weekends seriously......

As i have read this artical - TELSTRA EXCHANGE Site Closure due to Occupational Hazard and Safety.

But I and many thousands of TPG customers rely on the internet and email to make a living, but with all due resect TELSTRA & TPG do not pay my bills I do so this downtime cost money and is a huge inconvience  not only to me .


Many Kind thanks 



Hi @xr64me,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've tested the line and was not able to detect any fault within the NBN network.


The modem is getting a good sync speed with 54.44 Mbps Downstream and 14.03 Mbps Upstream. You may check it on the modem interface. How to check the speed? Click here.


If you are using a WiFi connection and the speed and the connection drops out, then there's something interfering with the WiFi signal. We've created an article on how to improve your WiFi network at home. You may refer here.


Try to test the speed via Wired connection as well for comparison once the issue occurs.


Currently, the operating hours of our Technical team are Monday - Friday 8am - midnight and Weekends & Public Holidays 9am - 9pm.



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Hi @BasilDV 


Thank you for the reply. You say that that TPG have tested and all is ok ? Not really!!

Never have i had a problem with WIFI up until the last 24hrs and i normally run multiple devices at once and run a pc on ethernet.

You stated this The modem is getting a good sync speed with 54.44 Mbps Downstream and 14.03 Mbps Upstream, i did follow your link, how can this be when i stated this from original msg Getting approx 26.5 download and 0.8 from TPG speed test ?? something is not right here.

Now tonight download speed 48.3 great Upload speed 1.3 poor see stats from TPG speed test at 9:40pm.









Hi @xr64me, if the issue is time specific, we'd like to arrange a technical specialist to contact you to assist with the real time testing. Please PM us your best contact number and the specific time you normally experience the issue. Thank you.