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Slow sync speed, & constant drop out

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Hello there,


In the past few days, the internet at my house is literally unusable, constant dropouts, sudden loss of DSL sync and even when the modem finally decides to connect itself, the internet speed is just.. well.. slow.


I have done :

Isolation test

Resting / restarting modem

changed all cables (ethernet and phone cables) to see the problem goes away,unfortunately, it didn't

borrowed a modem from my mate (same problem still persisit)


I'm using Tp-link Archer D7, and it gives me this info:

Current Rate(kbps)52725
Max Rate(kbps)1001836
SNR Margin(dB)20.212.7
Line Attenuation(dB)35.856

(first number is upstream speed, and is downstream)


as you can tell, the Rate is well below minimal speed of ADSL2+, even if I'm about 4km from the exchange.


is anyone else suffering the same problem as I do? I live in the dundas valley area in Sydney.


Please help.




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I have noticed a pattern, hope this helps

My modem would connect normally, and the speed was good for about 2 miniutes then it would restart the DSL sync (this is where dropout happend) and it then goes into a much more slower but steady speed like the one I've posted above.


btw, i was using an ethernet cable connecting directly from my pc to the modem, so no wireless interference or whatso ever

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Hi @hasuprobe It has the symptoms of poor line quality, it's normal for the sync to start at higher rate but then will throttle itself back to at least keep the connection as stable as possible due to the noisy or faulty line.

 The high line attenuation figures indicate a poor connection that is most likely in a junction box or an underground pit, you'll see a pattern emerging on this community forum of many dropouts lately, this has coincidentally happened since the weather has turned much cooler lately, cooler temperatures cause contraction of different metals at different rates causing high resistance joints and hence higher and varying attenuation.

 One of the mods will probably run a remote line test when they read this, my tip is that it will show a line fault.

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Thx Orbistat,


Appreciate that you took the time to do abit of analyzing for me, i will just have to wait and see what tpg is going to do now. Cheers



HI hasuprobe


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We've located an account using your Community details and based on our records, our Technical team has assisted you in performing troubleshooting and running line tests. The issue has now been escalated to our Engineering Team for further investigation as to what is causing the line fault. 


Furthermore, an appointment has been booked on 16 May 2018,  between 2-5PM. Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know. 







Hi @hasuprobe,


I can see that the escalated fault to our Engineering Team has been closed and your service is now connected for 1d 13h 31m.

Let us know should you require further assistance.



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Hi Shane,


It's been a week since your tech came, and it appears that the connection speed is back to normal now, however, as of today, I've noticed a crazy dropout happening today, plz take a look at my modem's log. The drop out happends every few miniutes in the past hours.


2018-05-28 14:44:47PPPErrorppp0
22018-05-28 14:44:41PPPErrorppp0 LCP down
32018-05-28 14:44:41PPPErrorppp0 User request
42018-05-28 14:36:17PPPErrorppp0
52018-05-28 14:36:17PPPErrorppp0 User request
62018-05-28 14:36:11PPPErrorppp0 LCP down
72018-05-28 14:36:11PPPErrorppp0 User request
82018-05-28 14:33:22PPPErrorppp0

ID Time Type Level Log Content

92018-05-28 14:33:16PPPErrorppp0 LCP down
102018-05-28 14:33:16PPPErrorppp0 User request
112018-05-28 14:29:13PPPErrorppp0
122018-05-28 14:29:13PPPErrorppp0 User request
132018-05-28 14:29:06PPPErrorppp0 LCP down
142018-05-28 14:29:06PPPErrorppp0 User request
152018-05-28 14:19:47PPPErrorppp0
162018-05-28 14:19:41PPPErrorppp0 LCP down

and it's been happening since 12 in the noon. I will leave the rest of the log unposted .. as you get the idea. 


I will keep an eye on the situation, hopefully it will resolve by itself, otherwise I think we need to find another solution...





Hi @hasuprobe,


Thanks for the details. I will run initial test on your connection and get back to you shortly.




Hi @hasuprobe,


Initial test result a multiple dropouts occurred on your connection and a possible line fault.


I would like to arrange one of our Technicians for further test and investigation.


Kindly PM me your best contact number and preferred time today.



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thank you Shane