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Speed difference between ADSL 2 + vs NBN on the HFC

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The best I've been able to get on my ADSL 2+ has been SYNC 6 MBps with regular disconnects. When in theory I should be able to get 25 MBps.

I wonder what sort of difference I should expect on the NBN withthe speed 25/5 Unlimited via HFC.
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NBN is a joke, with the majority of households having FTTN, all it is an excuse to up the prices.


They're still using the old copper wire that ADSL is using, so what is the difference for the majorty? absolutetly ring all except a price increase, and the right NOT to choose ADSL.


It's either NBN or lose all internet and phone.


It will never be truly faster until they cable to every house, which I expect I will be dead before that happens.

Hi Adrian,

My experience between HFC vs ADSL has been a positive one. They both have their upside and downside.

HFC can be capable of pumping out more faster internet however can have some issues time to time as other premises are connecting to the hfc network could cause some issues with packet drops and speed bursts however not always.

I've tested a few HFC connections when we were trialling and overall it was a good experience.

HFC should give you 25 no problems.

If I had a choice between HFC or ADSL I would go HFC 100% of the time

However: please note I am only speaking from my own experience and your experience could be totally different.

PS eventually you will need to move across anyway so no time like the present